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“Yalcin Kaya is a top class translator. We have been using his service for a long time. He never missed a deadline, we never had any complaint about his work. He is professional about his work and a joy to work with.”

(Private Agency, Milton Keynes)

“I have recently found the opportunity to benefit from Yalcin’s translation service, and I must state that I have so far been very happy with his good work. He is very disciplined, he never misses the slightest detail about the work, and he has always delivered the work well before deadlines. I will never hesitate to keep using his services.”

(Private Client, North London)

“We provide interpreters to private and governmental institutions, and we have to be sure about the quality of the service we provide. Mr Kaya’s interpreting service is the sort that we have never doubted, and he has been providing us with great work. Especially his availability even on short notice, and his punctuality are worth mentioning.”

(Private Agency, East London)

“As always, amazing work. Thank you.”

(Private Agency, Middlesex)

“I apologise again for this not being sent to you from the beginning. [Xxxx] is still not very familiar with all the translators but I have told her that you are my 1st choice (so next time she’ll know).”

(Private Agency, Buckinghamshire)

“Your work looks very good… Thanks for your ongoing professionalism. ”

(Private Agency, Herefordshire)

“I have finished reviewing your proofcheck of the [xxxx]. You did an exceptionally thorough job – you followed the brief perfectly and the entire proofcheck looks beautiful overall! I will be raising a compliment for you in our internal quality monitoring system. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to excellence!”

(Private Agency, UK and US based)

“..as the translator said themselves that the translation was carried out exceptionally and accurately!”