Experience and Qualifications
I was born and grew up in Turkey, and completed all my education leading to and inclusive of undergraduate studies in Turkey, with a very successful record throughout.

Having graduated as the highest ranked student from high school, I studied a Bachelor’s Degree at the prestigious Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University, majoring in Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, and graduated with Distinction in 2001 before embarking on a number of jobs in Istanbul, Turkey, one of which being journalism, where I worked as an editor/reporter of political/Ankara news at the head-office of the country’s biggest private news agency, Dogan News Agency / DHA.

Having worked in various fields, mainly as a freelance Turkish Translator/Interpreter since 2005, I studied a Master’s Degree in Human Rights at Kingston University in London, UK, in 2011, and graduated with Commendation. Subsequently, I obtained the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) in Law in 2015, and the Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) in 2016 to prove my competency and extensive experience in both professions. I am currently registered on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI). I have a number of other certificates, specified and unspecified on my NRPSI profile, as part of my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

In addition to my educational background, my life experience in the UK since 2005 has given me a unique opportunity to immerse myself into the British culture and getting extensive knowledge, which is a must in accuracy and appropriateness of translating/interpreting particularly in sensitive settings such as the legal setting. This experience has given me the ability of handling as appropriately as possible the complications/difficulties of this country’s legal and other systems.

As pointed, I am a professionally trained, security-vetted, and fully-qualified full-time interpreter/translator and my 10-plus-year experience includes, but is not limited to, fields of business; commerce; civil and criminal courts of law; probation service; welfare and immigration tribunals; high-security prisons, detention centres and hospitals; law firms; local government institutions; private companies; health and  education… where I have successfully been using my qualification and skills in consecutive, simultaneous, whispered interpreting and sight translation techniques.

I have translated a large number of words in a very wide range of fields including legal, medical, business, technical etc. both for direct clients and through agencies. I regularly assess other translators’ work as a proofreader/proofchecker/editor, and my experience includes assessing the papers of DPSI students of Turkish language at a preparatory course at South Thames College in London, UK.